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E3ISPM Series C-mount USB3.0 CMOS Camera

E3ISPM Series0
E3ISPM Series1
E3ISPM Series2

E3ISPM adopt SONY Exmor CMOS sensor as the image-picking device and USB3.0 is used as the transfer interface.

E3ISPM hardware resolutions range from 3.1M to 20M and come with the integrated CNC aluminum alloy compact housing.

E3ISP integrated with 12 bit Ultra-fineTM Hardware Image Signal Processor Video Pipline(Ultra-fineTM HISPVP) for Demosaic, Adjustments, Automatic Exposition, Gain Adjustment, One Push White Balance, Chrominance Adjustment, Saturation Adjustment, Gamma Correction, Luminance Adjustment, Contrast Adjustment, Bayer and finally form RAW data for 8/12 bit ouut. This will move the heavier burden of the processing from the PC to the Ultra-fineTM HISPVP and greatly accelerating the processing speed.

E3ISPM comes with advanced video & image processing application ToupView; Providing Windows/Linux/ OSX multiple platforms SDK; Native C/C++, C#/VB.NET, DirectShow, Twain Control API;

The E3ISPM can be widely used in bright field light environment and microscope image capture and analysis with higher frame rate.

The basic characteristic of E3ISPM cameras are as follows:

  • SONY Exmor, Exmor R(Back-illuminated), Exmor RS CMOS sensor with USB3.0 interface;
  • Real-time 8/12bit depth switch(depending on sensor);
  • Super high sensitivity up to 1120mV(IMX250);
  • Ultra low noise and low power dissipation by using column-parallel A/D conversion;
  • With hardware resolution among 3.1M to 20M;
  • Rolling Shutter or Global Shutter;
  • Standard C-Mount camera;
  • CNC aluminum alloy housing;
  • Ultra-fineTM HISPVP and USB3.0 5 Gbps interface ensuring high frame rates(Up to 15 frames for 20M Resolution);
  • With advanced video & image processing application ToupView;
  • Providing Windows/Linux/Mac OS multiple platforms SDK;
  • Native C/C++, C#/VB.Net, DirectShow, Twain, LabView

Dimension of E3ISPM

The E3ISPM body, made from tough, CNC aluminum alloy, ensures a heavy duty, workhorse solution. The camera is designed with a high quality IR-CUT to protect the camera sensor. No moving parts included. These measures ensure a rugged, robust solution with an increased lifespan when compared to other industrial camera solutions.


Packing Information for E3ISPM

Standard Camera Packing List
A Carton L:52cm W:32cm H:33cm (20pcs, 12~17Kg/ carton), not shown in the photo
B Gift box L:15cm W:15cm H:10cm (0.58~0.6Kg/ box)
C E3ISPM series USB3.0 C-mount CMOS camera
D High-speed USB3.0 A male to B male gold-plated connectors cable /2.0m
E CD (Driver & utilities software, Ø12cm)
Optional Accessory
F Adjustable lens adapter C-mount to Dia.23.2mm eyepiece tube
(Please choose 1 of them for your microscope)
C-mount to Dia.31.75mm eyepiece tube
(Please choose 1 of them for your telescope)
G Fixed lens adaptor C-mount to Dia.23.2mm eyepiece tube
(Please choose 1 of them for your microscope)
C-Mount to Dia.31.75mm Eyepiece Tube
(Please choose 1 of them for your telescope)
Note: For F and G optional items, please specify your camera type(C-mount, microscope camera or telescope camera) ,  engineer will help you to determine the right microscope or telescope camera adapter for your application;
H 108015(Dia.23.2mm to 30.0mm Ring)/Adaptor rings for 30mm eyepiece tube
I 108016(Dia.23.2mm to 30.5mm Ring)/ Adaptor rings for 30.5mm eyepiece tube
J 108017(Dia.23.2mm to 31.75mm Ring)/ Adaptor rings for 31.75mm eyepiece tube
K Calibration kit 106011/TS-M1(X=0.01mm/100Div.);
106013/TS-M7(X=0.01mm/100Div., 0.10mm/100Div.)

Extension of E3ISPM with Microscope or Telescope Adaptor

Extension Picture
C-mount Camera Machine vision; Medical imaging;
Semiconductor equipment; Test instruments;
Document scanners; 2D barcode readers;
Web camera and security video;
Microscope imaging;
Microscope Camera
Telescope Camera