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ToupView for ToupCam Camera

  • ToupView for all ToupCam camera;
  • Unlimited language support;
  • Windows XP, Vista, 2008, Win7, Win8(32/64 bit)/Max/Linux
  • Ultra Fine color engine;
  • Diversified useful tools;
  • Medical microscopic imaging,Industrial detection;
  • Machine vision; Astronomical observation;

What's in the included software

User-friendly UI design

  • Well-arranged menus and toolbars ensure quick operating;
  • The unique design of 5 sidebars -- Camera, Folders, Undo/Redo, Layer, Measurement are orderly classified;
  • Convenient operating method (Double click or right-click context menu) as much as possible;
  • Detailed help manual;

Professional camera control panel

Exposure & Gain

Auto exposure (exposure target preset) and manual exposure (exposure time can be inputted manually); Up to 5 times gain;

White Balance

Advanced single-click intelligent white balance setting, temperature and tint can be manually adjusted;

Color Adjustment

Hue, saturation, brightness, contrast, gamma initialization adjustment;

Frame Rate Control

Adjustment of frame rate available for different computer configurations;

Power Frequency Setting(Anti-filcker)

Natural light/DC, AC 50 HZ, AC60 HZ switch function thoroughly eliminates video flicker;


Check the “horizontal” or “vertical” option to correct the sample direction;

Skip and bin sampling

Bin mode can obtain low noise video stream; Skip mode obtains sharper and smoother video stream. Support video stream histogram extension, Negative and positive switching, Gray calibration, Clarity factor for focusing etc.


Load, save, overwrite, import, export self-defined parameters of camera control panel (including calibration information, exposure and color setting information);

Practical functions with good results

Video functions

Various professional functions : Video broadcast; Time lapse capture; Video record; Video watermark; Move watermark; Rotate watermark; Video stream grid; Video measurement; Video calibration, Gray calibration; Video EDF; Image stitch; Video scale bar, date and etc.;

Image Processing and Enhancement

Control and adjust image by contrast, denoise, all kinds of filtering algorithm and mathematical morphology algorithm; image rotate, image scale, image print;

2D Measurement

Easy video or image calibration. Various video and image measurement methods like area, perimeter, angle etc.. Measurement results can be hierarchical controlled according to characteristics or preferences;

Image Stitching

Image stitching can automatically combine a sequence of relevant images into a perfect larger one. No requirement on the image order;Support video window, image window, browse window image stitching operation.

EDF(Extended Depth of Focus)

Aimed at generating a clearer image by combining a sequence of previously captured multi-focus images; Support video window, image window, browse window EDF operation. Provided with maximum contrast, weighted average, FFDSSD algorithms to meet with most applications. Consider image shift, rotation and scale in the EDF process to guarantee EDF accuracy & speed;

Professional Segmentation & Count function

Integrate the advanced 6 image segmentation and particle counting algorithm (Watershed (W), OTSU Dark, OTSU Bright, RGB Histogram, HSV Histogram and Color Cube). Manual segmentation function (Split objects) ensures the success of a complete segmentation. The count result can be exported to Microsoft Excel for further analysis;

Image Stacking

Image stacking adopts advanced image matching technology. With the recorded video, regardless of shifting, rotation, scaling, the high fidelity image can be stacked to decrease the image noise.

Color Composite

Color composite adds appropriate pseudo color to monochrome fluorescence images. Fluorescence probe and color can be chosen from the pre-defined database. Dye database can also be easily created for special fluorescence probe.

Image Stitching

Image Segmentation & Counting

Image Statcking

Color Composite


Powerful compatibility

Video Interface

Support Twain, DirectShow, Labview, SDK Package(Native C++、C#)

Operating System

Compatible with Microsoft® Windows® XP / Vista / 7 / 8 (32 & 64 bit), Mac OSX, Linux

Language Support

Unlimited language support, currently available in Simplified Chinese,Traditional Chinese, English, Russian, German, French, Polish and Turkish,Japanese

Hardware requirement

PC Requirements

CPU: Intel Core 2 2.8GHz or Higher

Memory:2GB or more

USB port:USB2.0 or USB3.0 port

Display:17” or Larger