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Design features of digital microscopes

Block diagram of a digital microscope, regardless of the range of possible tasks and class fundamentally solved as a set of modules, optical, electronic and serves for data processing. Obviously the basic role played by optical-mechanical module as responsible for the correctness of the task of forming the image for secondary processing by other modules. At its core, it may consist of one primary and optionally one or more additional imaging systems in the plane of the receiver (s). Complexity and branching optical and mechanical module is defined objectives microscopy. The base of this unit - the lens.

The lens must be capable of working with specific types of detectors (CCD-and CMOS-matrix structures). The geometrical dimensions of the receiver is set to linear field in the object plane of the lens, and the minimum size of the sensor receiver, to produce an image, determines the numerical aperture. In the calculation of the optical system of the lens is important to find the best combination between the linear increase in the input numerical aperture. In this case, in comparison with a conventional microscope is used much more high-aperture optical system of the lens.

Aberration correction lens - planapohromat for the working spectral range selected receiver with the values ​​of its spectral sensitivity for fixed wavelengths. Careful correction in the calculation of the optical system of the lens to be, for example, these types of aberrations as distortion and astigmatism (in contrast to classical microscope objectives). The layout of the optical system can be a combination of two units, conditional "front" and "future", between which the rays are parallel. In the space between the blocks can build a lighting system, or soft power optical components. Solutions for measurement applications to use telecentric lenses, which are further combined of the back focal plane of the "front" and the front "subsequent" blocks.